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December is here!

It's only the first of the month so my tree isn't up yet and the outside lights are still in the box stored in the bedroom closet. Or are they in the box in the laundry room? I'll figure it out before next weekend is over.

The mayhem of the holidays is in full swing with the passing of Black Friday and many folks have already started their Christmas shopping. I haven't even looked at the Cyber Monday deals today,  not really. although I do have a couple of things hidden away for this coming month's festivities already.

I haven't started listening to Christmas music yet either, although I have been enjoying some of the early Christmas commercials that are interrupting my television programs already. It is amazing what you enjoy as you get older.

I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November and I was able to produce a pretty decent partial First Draft of And The Clock Struck One, the first full length novel in the Alex Steele series. I had some fun with this one, added somewhat shady, mildly eccentric and really odd characters (including a wandering spirit who refuses to leave his wife behind) which as readers we enjoy, the good guys that help the main character through thick and thin.

In And the Clock Struck One, we find that Alexandra McKennon-Steele has moved both to the west coast of the U.S. and into a haunted house by the looks of it. The spirits wandering the halls of Parker House are the least of her worries however, as she slowly discovers she has a strange admirer that would like a little more than her autograph. Not to mention the little matter of a love triangle that has gone horribly awry and requires Alex's special gift to unravel.

Could things get any worse for her? As she wonders if the lopsided merry-go-round is ever going to stop, a delicious and mysterious man comes into her life just in time to complicate things. 

Okay, in the meantime, I am taking a bit of time away from that story for now. I will begin the edit for the second draft which will eventually lead to my third and hopefully final draft early next year.

But...with any luck, another novella by Cynthia A. Hudson will be available sometime in the coming weeks, just in time for Christmas I hope! It will be available exclusively on Amazon for now then we will see how it goes. I will post the link here along with the cover as soon as it's available and I will make the proper notifications on Twitter and Facebook of course.

Until then dear friends, enjoy your December, your Christmas cookies and fruit cake, if you are so inclined to indulge, along with any other holiday libations that you might decide to partake of.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa to everyone! Stay safe and stay warm!  



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