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September and Fall is finally in the air!

I haven't exactly broken out the jeans and sweaters yet nor have I turned off the air conditioner in the afternoon but with Labor Day here and the kiddies all safely back in school for another year, I know that chilly nights and cool crisp mornings are right around the corner! (Which also means I am just one month away from my favorite month out of the year....just sayin')

So much is in the works, I am unsure where to begin!

Bid Love's Return is FINISHED guys! I am so excited! When I was working out those last few wrinkles in the story I found I couldn't go to sleep until they were ironed out. So now for a real title and the cover and then it will be available on Amazon exclusively! I have to admit, it feels good to have that one done. I loved the story of Amanda and Christian, and I enjoyed writing it for you.

The Graves of Jordan Cove has gone from a novella to novel so that will be a little longer before that is in the final draft stage. It didn't start out that way but it has grown all on its own I am afraid.  One can never tell about these things when you start out.

I got a little head of myself last month and jotted down a chapter of something I might like to work on once these other projects are finished. I'll keep it a secret for now but if something happens with it, you will be the first to know!

One other thing I do want to do is revise the cover on The Sandman. It has been bothering me for a while but it is one of those projects that I have been putting on the back burner for some time but which has finally made it to my short list.

I am so thrilled things are finally moving again, I felt like I was stuck in quicksand this year and only now have I managed to make it dry land once more. I want these two projects finished and into the hands of my readers. The truth is,  I am dying to get started on something new for Nanowrimo this year!

Happy September and Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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